Marketing Healthcare

Week 4: Marketing Health Care Products and ServicesHealth care marketing presents unique challenges as compared to marketing in other industries. Legal and policy issues are ever present, the market climate is constantly changing, and consumer needs and expectations are challenging and diverse. And yet, like any other industry, health care products and services must be marketed to consumers. By using tools such as the 4 Ps, SWOT analysis, and the 5 I’s of marketing, organizations can gain a better understanding of the market for their products and services, resulting in more successful marketing campaigns.This week, as you further explore marketing for health care products and services, you examine the 5 I’s of marketing. You also recommend marketing strategies for health care services.Assignment: Marketing Health Care ServicesStrategies used to market health care services are typically different than strategies used to market health care products. From intangibility to the natural inconsistencies in the delivery of services, traditional marketing strategies must be modified so that there is a greater focus on marketing relationships and quality care. Therefore, when developing marketing plans, it is important for organizations to consider the 5 I’s of marketing health services: inconsistency, inseparability, intangibility, interaction, and inventory. For this Assignment, use the 5 I’s to examine the health care service in the Aravind Eye Care System: Providing Total Eye Care to the Rural Population case study provided in the Learning Resources. Then provide recommendations for marketing the service.To prepare:• Review the Aravind case study in the Learning Resources.• With the 5 I’s of marketing in mind, reflect on the health care service provided by the organization and its personnel.The AssignmentIn a 4- to 5-page paper, address the following:• Using the 5 I’s of marketing, analyze the health care service provided by the organization in the scenario. o Inconsistency: Is there consistency in the quality of care?o Inseparability: When providing the service, do providers demonstrate biases toward or against patients and their families (i.e., racial biases, age biases, gender biases, etc.)?o Intangibility: What are the intangible characteristics of providers (i.e., demeanor, posture, etc.)? How do providers behave toward patients?o Interaction with consumers: Is the organization patient-centered or physician-centered?o Inventory: How much time is spent on providing the service and how much time is spent on non-service-related activities?• Recommend strategies to market this service to health care consumers. Include how these strategies might improve operations.Note: Your Assignment must be written in standard edited English. Refer to the Essential Guide to APA Style for Walden Students to ensure that your in-text citations and reference list are correct. Be sure to support your work with at least five high-quality references, including three from peer-reviewed journals. See the Week 4 Assignment rubric for additional requirements related to research and scholarly writing

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Marketing Healthcare
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