DiscussionDefine the three or four main points from each of the three articles you read for this unit’s studies. You can also find them linked in the Resources.Address the following:How well are these articles aligned?Do the main points of one article support the main points of the others? Are there inconsistencies between the main points of the articles?What is the quality of evidence or support? For example, are professional opinions incorporated? If numbers are provided, what are the sources?Use APA headings to format your initial discussion post. Use the APA Module, linked in the Resources, to guide your formatting. Use the following list to develop your post and include the information you gather under its corresponding heading:Introduction: Tell the reader the purpose of the post and what will be covered.Theory: Article Comparisons: Identify and describe the main points of the three articles. What is the quality of evidence or support?Conclusion: Sum up the key points of the post in one or two sentences.References: Using APA style and format, list the references you used for your post.Your post to this discussion must include at least two cited, scholarly references, either peer-reviewed journals or practitioner journals, in addition to the course assigned readings, and must be a minimum of 300 words in length. Remember to list your references in APA format at the end of your post. Read the introduction and conclusion.Read and charts or figures and see if there are references listed.Scan the article for major headings.Identify the three or four major or main points for each article.Identify any sources of evidence or support.You do not need to break the scholarly articles down in detail, particularly the Journal of Marketing article.Feedback from last coursework paper: Introduction (the purpose of paper): Be sure to set out the intro with a heading. Avoid the use of the “Editorial We” – APA rule 3.09. Next section then should have a heading. Minimum 3 sentences for a paragraph. • Theory (business model & 5 forces): Good comparison and content. Avoid contractions. Why are you calling Andrea Ovans a “he?” Why are gender pronouns needed? (Ah – getting me back for asking the dad/mom question – I knew it!) Just use last names and avoid gender pronouns unless you are positive and it is helpful for some reason. • Conclusion (sum-up the key points): Be sure to have at least 3 sentences in every paragraph (APA). Use a heading instead of the phrase tag “in conclusion.” • References: Good format. • Headings: I can’t find them….? • APA citing and formatting: This looked fine. • Writing (logic and linking): Good synthesis and clear writing style. Need headings for logic, and linkages.

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