Mo5&6 r

Watch parts 1 and 2 of the online lecture, “Gender and Slavery”
Lecture, Part 1 (26 minutes, 2 seconds):
If you would like to see this video with captions, click here to watch it on YouTube:
تشغيل الأداة الخارجية
Lecture, Part 2 (17 minutes, 52 seconds):
Click here to watch the video on YouTube with captions:
تشغيل الأداة الخارجية
Step 2: 
Do the reading by Thavolia Glymph, “Women in Slavery: The Gender of Violence.”
Step 3:
Read Ashley Council’s article, “Ringing Liberty’s Bell: African American Women, Gender, and the Underground railroad in Philadelphia.”
Step 4: Inspirational History!
Watch this short video about Elizabeth Freeman, an enslaved woman whose efforts helped to lead to the abolition of slavery in Massachusetts!
تشغيل الأداة الخارجية
Discussion Questions
As you watch the lecture and do the reading, take notes and think about the following discussion questions (which are in your discussion forum this week).

What did you find particularly exciting, interesting, or challenging about the assigned content this week? 

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Mo5&6 r
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Note that in response to this question, you need to be specific in your references to the required course content (videos and reading).

According to the reading, to what extent was resistance by enslaved people to the brutality of slavery shaped by gender?

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