more than 200 words in two answers to your peers , 2 references each

Peer 1

A proxy is someone who has been given the authority to act on behalf of another. Parents and guardians are regularly utilized as proxies when dealing with minors or those unable to speak on their behalf (Wiegelmann et al., 2021). Proxy subjective health status or evaluation measures in terms of health are used when someone else (typically a parent or guardian) is asked to provide information on a person’s health (Wiegelmann et al., 2021). Therefore, assumptions and repercussions of employing proxy subjective health status or evaluation measures for children and those who are unable to express themselves are discussed in this essay.

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more than 200 words in two answers to your peers , 2 references each
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Using evaluative or proxy measures of subjective health status has possible consequences. One is that the proxy’s evaluation of the child’s or person’s health might not be correct (Buçinca et al., 2020). They could exaggerate or understate how difficult the person’s situation is. Furthermore, the proxy could not be fully informed about the patient’s health, resulting in omitted crucial information. The fact that the child or person might not feel comfortable having someone else speak for them, particularly concerning something as private as their health, is another potential consequence. The child or person can feel devalued, making it harder for them to talk openly about their health in the future. Before utilizing proxy subjective health status or evaluation measures, it is crucial to consider the possible effects. Therefore, although they might be practical or useful in some circumstances, it is vital to be aware of any risks or disadvantages they might have.

At the same time, having evaluation measures or proxy subjective health status for youngsters or those unable to communicate for themselves is predicated on several premises. The initial presumption is that the proxy can faithfully represent the kid or person (Holzhausen et al., 2020). As a result, the representative must be knowledgeable about the kid’s or person’s health and be able to explain it clearly. The proxy must also be knowledgeable about the child’s or person’s preferences and be able to express them appropriately. The second presumption is that the rep knows the child’s or person’s health and can effectively communicate this. This necessitates that the proxy is knowledgeable of the patient’s medical history and capable of relaying it appropriately. The broker must accurately display the child’s or person’s present health state and be aware of it. The final supposition is that the proxy is motivated to act this way. Therefore, to accurately convey this information, the representative must be willing and invested in the child’s or person’s health and wellbeing.

Peer 2

A proxy in healthcare refers to a person chosen to make medical decisions for a patient who cannot speak for themselves or their children. The proxy, therefore, makes the decisions considering the patient and their perspective. Children and people who cannot speak for themselves cannot express themselves and cannot participate in medical decisions about their treatment.

The assumptions of having a proxy subjective health status or evaluation measures are that the proxy considers the patient’s needs. The representative makes decisions on behalf of the patient because the patient cannot do it on themselves, considering what the patient would have wanted and how they want it (Rodgers & Kass, 2018). Children and patients who cannot speak for themselves might find it challenging to participate in their treatment, and thus a proxy with their interests at heart takes on that responsibility. It is assumed that parents and caregivers have the interests of their children at heart, and they understand their children’s illnesses better than anyone else (Felnhofer et al., 2019). The assumption is that a parent or caregiver knows what is best for their patients and uses ethical standards to guide their actions. Proxies who spend most of their time caring for the patient know much about them and what they would want; thus, they are in the best place to understand what the patient would have liked.

The potential ramification of having a proxy in healthcare is that the proxy might not act in the patient’s best interests but in their own. Understanding and determining if the proxy is working in the patient’s interests could be challenging. Proxy decisions could be disturbing in cases where their own needs influence the judgment of the proxy. If a proxy is taking care of a terminally ill patient who cannot talk, and the chances of recovery are meager might not make the best decision for the patient. The proxy might choose a treatment that will not help the patient or choose a cheaper option because the proxy is interested in saving the wealth of the patients so that they can inherit the wealth once the patient dies. Such a decision might not be the one the patient wants; thus, proxies do not always make the best decisions for the patient. Proxies on some occasions might do what is best for the patient but might be negatively influenced by their personal interests causing a problem for the patient.

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