Write your reflections from the classmate’s post by selecting an idea from the reading, describing your thoughts and feelings about it and why you agree.
                                         CLASSMATE’S POST
In this chapter we were taught about managing skills for structured learning in the classroom. Monitoring a student’s behavior is of the upmost importance for teachers to maintain control in their classroom. The way to monitor effectively is by:
· Listening
· Scan the room occasionally
· Moving around the room periodically
The room needs to be set up so everyone can be seen at all time and what they are doing. Now when dealing with diversity we are being taught that we must be sensitive with the cultural differences and with more challenging classes. Teacher are asked to make special effort to plan properly when they are aware they have student the display certain behaviors. Also, teachers must have their materials and class equipment stored away as well as having special materials and equipment that may be needed for special students. In some classroom setting there may be a need for an assistant to help the teacher. It is very important that teachers are able to switch form one thing to another when it is required.
Nelson, Karma., Price, Kay M. “Planning Effective Instructions: Diversity Responsive Methods & Management”. 6th Ed. 2019.
Chapter 14 
In this chapter is where some of the fun begins with the planning of activities. When I was younger and in school activity time were some of my fun memories. The purpose of activity is that they help students with development and the following reasons:
· To build interest and motivate student before beginning a series of lessons
· To build background information or experience, or to provide an opportunity to recall prior knowledge before a series of lessons
· To introduce skills/knowledge that will be taught thoroughly at a later time.
· To review and practice knowledge/skills taught previously
· To teach skills/knowledge that are not considered important basic skills
· To provide ongoing practice toward long-term objectives or goals
· To provide opportunities for students to generalize previously learned information
· To provide opportunities for students to integrate knowledge and skills learned from lessons in different subject areas
· To provide opportunities for students to express their understanding and demonstrate their leaning
Nelson, Karma., Price, Kay M. “Planning Effective Instructions: Diversity Responsive Methods & Management”. 6th Ed. 2019.

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