Nervous System Concept Outline

Nervous System Concept Outline
Utilize the following case study to develop your outline. The outline concepts have been defined for you.  Submitting an outline that is not original work is not acceptable.   
Your outline of the case should begin with a description/impression of your patient and what the likely diagnosis is based on the case study. (Review the example)  Identify and list your patient’s history, and his/her likely symptomatology.  This should then be linked into the detailed pathophysiology of the diagnosis (the majority of your outline) and conclude with a detailed pharmacology and treatment plan.
Please post your scholarly outline with at least one to two references in APA format.  Sources should be less than 5 years old (Max 7 years).  Your text can be one reference.
Case Study
Maria Rodrigues is a 63-year-old Hispanic female who presents to the Emergency Department via EMS.   You receive report from the paramedic that the patient developed sudden onset of slurred speech, left facial droop and left sided upper extremity and lower extremity weakness, slumping in her chair. Her co-worker recognized these sudden onsets of symptoms and immediately called for an ambulance, which arrived within 15minutes. POC blood glucose level is 138. She is awake and alert.  
Past Medical History: COPD, HTN, Type II Diabetes, + smoker since age 18. 
Vital Signs: BP 140/90, HR 75, RR 16 Temp 98.4po.  O2 sat 96%
• Labs: BMP, CBC, PT/PTT are all WNL. 
• Non-contrast head CT scan without hemorrhage
• EKG no acute changes
Nervous System Concept Outline
Based on the case study what is the likely medical diagnosis, what information in the case study supports this?
Patients history
Signs and Symptoms: Which of the symptoms led you to your diagnosis? What are other the signs and symptoms?
Detailed pathophysiology of the diagnosis to include cause, risk factors, and diagnostic interventions
Include both nursing and medical interventions.
Treatment Plan
Include pharmacological agents, surgical and medical interventions.  

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Nervous System Concept Outline
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