Northern Virginia Community College Applied Health Statistics Discussion

You will conceptualize a research question (about something related to global health), samplingscheme, and set of hypotheses (null and research hypotheses).
Report Instructions: Using complete sentences, complete the following prompts.
● Formulate a research question for a population of interest. For your research question,
select a continuous numerical outcome of interest. Then, select a binary exposure such
that you have two groups that you are comparing, one with your exposure, and one
without your exposure of interest. This will allow you to compare two population means
with one another. Remember to specify person, place, and time in your research question.
o Here is an example that uses a continuous numerical outcome of interest and binary exposure.
– Do present-day U.S. adult patients who take an experimental drug have lower systolic blood
pressure compared to those who do not take the experimental drug? Our outcome of interest is
blood pressure in mmHg, which is a continuous numerical outcome, measured at the ratio level
of measurement. Our exposure of interest is a binary exposure: experimental drug versus no
experimental drug. There are two options for a patient – they either get the experimental drug,
or they do not. This makes it a binary exposure. We are comparing the mean blood pressure
values between two groups: those who received the drug, and those who did not.
● How would you obtain a representative sample from your study population? For
example, if you decide to enroll participants in a study in order to collect data, how do
you recruit these participants? Describe what measures you would take to avoid selection
● Write, in a full sentence, the null hypothesis for your research question.
● Write, in a full sentence, a non-directional or directional research hypothesis for your
research question.
● Write mathematical statements (using symbols) for both the null hypothesis and research
hypothesis that you stated in full sentences above.

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Northern Virginia Community College Applied Health Statistics Discussion
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