Optimizing Brands Week 10 DQR

Optimizing Week 10 DQR

When responding to at least two of your peers’ posts, consider the following:

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Optimizing Brands Week 10 DQR
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· Compare and contrast your learning from the course with that of your peers.

· How do your views on the attributes of an effective leader align with those of your peers?

Jonathan Trinh

Hi Class

The three key course takeaways that I would use currently or in a future workplace are using different marketing strategies, crisis management, and the PDCA methodology. For the different marketing strategies, it is really important that we are able to differentiate them because each generation is used to different ways of being connected. For the crisis management aspect, every business must be able to adapt and be prepared to answer any sort of crisis that may occur. Lastly, the PDCA methodology allows us to make improvements for our business to become better.

When I consider the traits of an effective leader, the ones that come to mind are communication, teamwork, positivity, and humility. When leaders have these traits, it makes employees want to work for them because they are able to set a good example. We do not want to work for a leader that comes off as a negative individual.

For my desired personal trait, I would probably go with uniqueness. There are many times that I would do things very generically and it definitely shows in some of my work. By being able to grow as an individual, I would be able to provide my own way of thinking and doing things that show who I am.

Response –

Justin Larue

Hi Class,

One of my major takeaways from this course that I can use in my current and future workplace is learning how to use multiple strategies to reach your organizational goals. Such as utilizing digital and traditional marketing tactics to ensure every single audience is being reached. This will allow for our organization to reach their fullest potential. Additionally, ensuring roles and responsibilities are key to reaching a goal. If these are not properly aligned, then there will be no structure to achieving goals. We also need to make sure everyone in the organization understands the importance of brand equity. This is very important to the company because brand equity is a value premium that company generates from a product with a recognizable name (Hayes, 2021). We want to make sure our customers know who we are and what we sell across many audiences. 

I personally see an effective leader who leads by example opposed to dictating to their teams. These leaders have effective communication skills with their teams and they are open to listening to suggestions. These leaders want to see the brand strive and talk highly about the company which they are employed. If I worked for a boss who would consistently trash the brand I am working for, this would give me a negative opinion on the company and the boss. This would eventually make me leave the company if it continued. 

My desired personal brand is a brand that cares about their customers and retaining that lifelong customer relationship. I will gladly be loyal to a brand if they are a quality brand that do right by the customer and their employees. When you read amazing reviews from employees who work for the company, it makes the consumer feel as though they are making the right choice by purchasing their products.

Hayes, A. (February 22, 2021). Brand equity. Retrieved on August 9, 2022, from 


Response –

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