Other Minority Groups Rights

 During World War II, Americans of Japanese descent were sent to “relocation centers” for detainment and questioning.  During this time, it was believed by many Americans that the alleged threat of espionage and a Japanese invasion of the Pacific Coast justified this action (see, the US Supreme Court decision and public reaction in the case of Korematsu v. United States ).  In this forum debate whether the detainment and questioning of large numbers of Arab Americans and U.S. residents of Muslim descent are justifiable, due to the September 11th attacks of the World Trade Center Towers in 2001 and the continued threat of terrorism against America by supporters of the Taliban, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, etc.? Is such governmental action necessary or justifiable to ensure America’s national security? What about immigrants of Spanish decent? Is there any reason to detain such groups, due to the possible threat of terrorism, assumed increases in the national crime rate or violations of federal immigration laws?     should debate the side of government justification of detainment and question 

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Other Minority Groups Rights
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