7. Analyze and apply the appropriate ethical standards and social responsibilities of the human services profession to the delivery of human or community services (Human Services Concentration Outcome).Develop an outline and annotated bibliography for your final paper. This outline and annotated bibliography will be due at the end of module five. This is the first stage of the final assignment process. The outline and bibliography you will write in this module will form the backbone for the final paper that you will submit at the end of module seven.The purpose of this outline and bibliography is for you to find a topic for your final paper, outline how you will address this topic, and finally, summarize scholarly sources that will help you write this final paper. First, your outline should contain the following information:1) Clarify a particular type of addiction you want to study2) Specify the possible genetic reasons for this addiction3) Specify the possible environmental reasons for this addiction4) Explain the impact this particular type of addiction has upon individuals and families5) Specify some of the most important ways that this type of addiction might be treated.Remember: this is only an outline, so you only need to give a couple of key sentences here for each of the above points. You will use this outline as a roadmap for your final paper.Second your bibliography should include 6–8 scholarly sources that will help you write this paper. You may use sources from the course materials, or outside of the course, if you wish. For each of these sources, please write a brief, 2 to 3 sentence annotation. This annotated bibliography should be written in American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition format, including a title page, 1-inch margins all the way around, in Times New Roman 12-point or Arial 11-point font.You cannot just do a Google search for the topic! Academic sources are required. You may use Google Scholar or other libraries.

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