Part One AHS

 Please make sure to read the discussion question on attached pdf and follow the instructions. Answer only part one and follow the instructions given.

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Part One AHS
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Purpose To demonstrate an understanding of the AHS Medical Functions.


Assignment activities are an important tool in facilitating student learning in an
online environment. Your participation allows you to demonstrate understanding and
application of course material.

Topic The Army Health System (AHS) is a component of the Military Health System
(MHS) that is responsible for operational management of the Health Service
Support (HSS) and Force Health Protection (FHP) missions for training, pre-
deployment, deployment, and post-deployment operations. AHS includes all mission
support services performed, provided, or arranged by the Army Medicine to support
HSS and FHP mission requirements for the Army and as directed, for joint,
intergovernmental agencies, coalition, and multinational forces (FM 4-02)


AHS Doctrine Smart Book 2022

AHS Lesson

FM 4-02 Army Health System

JP 4-02


The AHS is a complex system of systems that is interrelated and interdependent
and must be meticulously and continuously synchronized to reduce morbidity and
mortality and to maximize patient outcome. The systems which comprise the AHS
are divided into ten medical functions which align with medical disciplines and
scientific knowledge.

This assignment is composed of two parts:

Part One: Short answer

In your own words and in one paragraph describe the main purpose of FHP and
HSS missions. In two separate paragraphs describe the purpose of the medical
functions Combat and Operational Stress Control and Medical Evacuation. Your
assignment will be no more than two pages written in APA 7th Edition Format:

– Font: Times New Roman

– Font Size: 12 point

– One reference and one matching In-text citation

Part Two: Test on Knowledge – Multiple Choice
To clearly delineate which medical functions are grouped under which warfighting
function, the Army is aligning with the joint Services (according to JP 4-02) in
grouping these ten medical functions. In this assignment, identify the category
(FHP, HSS, or Both) of each Medical Function.

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