Part A.
Please use the database you created in the Week 4 Assignment.
1) Create a matrix to indicate permissions (read, insert, delete, modify) you would grant to different users of your database.
2) Create at least two different users and implement their permissions using SQL statements.
Part B.
“Consider the following normalized relations for a database in a large retail store chain:
STORE (Store_ID, Region, Manager_ID, Square_Feet)
EMPLOYEE (Employee_ID, Where_Work, Employee_Name,
DEPARTMENT (Department_ID, Manager_ID, Sales_Goal)
SCHEDULE (Department_ID, Employee_ID, Date)
Assume that a data communications network links a computer at corporate headquarters with a computer in each retail outlet. The chain includes 50 stores with an average of 75 employees per store. There are 10 departments in each store. A daily schedule is maintained for five months (the previous two months, the current month, and next two months). Further assume that:
a) Each store manager updates the employee work schedule for her or his store roughly five times per hour.
b) The corporation generates all payroll checks, employee notices, and other mailings for all employees for all stores.
c) The corporation establishes a new sales goal each month for each department.
d) The corporation hires and fires store managers and controls all information about store managers; store managers hire and fire all store employees and control all information about employees in that store.
1) Would you recommend a distributed database, a centralized database, or a set of decentralized databases for this retail store chain? Please explain why.
2) Assuming that some form of distributed database is justified, what would you recommend as a data distribution strategy for this retail store chain?” (Hoffer, Prescott, & Topi, 2009, p. ch.14 – 29).  

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