For this assignment, you will begin finalizing your choices regarding which forms of technology you would like to use in your unit lesson plan. Once you have made your choices, you discover that you will have to ask the principal to supply you with the funding you will need to purchase this technology. Before agreeing to fund this purchase, your principal has asked you to provide information regarding how you would use the technology in your classroom and how it will help learners achieve your lesson objectives.
Choose a form of technology that you would like to use in your unit lesson plan, and create a PowerPoint presentation that includes the following information
a) a description of the technology and how it would be used in your classroom, 
b) a list of your unit lesson plan objectives, and 
c) a description of how the technology will be used to help learners achieve the lesson objectives. 
Your PowerPoint presentation should consist of at least eight (8) slides with slide notes, not counting the title or reference slides. Please be sure that all sources, including your textbook, are cited and referenced using proper APA formatting. Please utilize at least three outside sources, one of which can be your textbook. At least two (2) of your sources should be found in an Online Library.

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