Powerpoint presentation on Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice

Please create a Power Point to answer the following…Case studyAnn, a community nurse, made an afternoon home visit with Susan and her father. After the death of her mother, Susan had growing concerns about her father living alone. “I worry about my father all the time. He is becoming more forgetful and he has trouble seeing. Mom used to take care of him. I am not sleeping and I am irritable around him. Yesterday I shouted at him because he wouldn’t let me help him with his laundry. I felt terrible! I am at my wits’ end! My brothers and sisters do not want to put dad in a nursing home but they are not willing to help out. As usual, they have left me with all the responsibility. I work part time and have two small children to care for.” Susan’s father, Sam, sat quietly with tears filling his eyes. He was well nourished and well-groomed but would not make eye contact. Nurse Ann noticed that the house was clean and orderly. A tray in front of the TV had the remains of a ham sandwich and glass of ice tea. Mail was piled up, unopened on a small table near the front door. There was only one car in the driveway and the yard was in need of attention.1. What questions does Orlando’s theory guide the nurse to consider in caring for Susan and Sam?2. Develop a family plan of care from the perspective of Orlando.Explore the 1950 and 60’s in the United States:1. Explore was happening in the United States during this time (culture, social, economics, struggles)2. What did nursing look like during this times (what are their job like, responsibilities, dress, autonomy, respect)3. What is the most influential accomplishment in nursing theory from the 1950’s and 1960’s?Power Point should include at least 4 outside references and the textbook. It should include title and reference slides and be 14-20 slides.A few tips for formatting-Start with an objectives slide, tell the audience what to expect from the presentationInclude a source on all slides with specific information (Author, year) give credit to that sourceWrap up with a conclusion slideUse color/images/graphics to dress up the presentation. Think about how it will look if you were presenting it.Recommended textbook is Nursing Theories and Nursing Practice 4th edition by Smith and Parker

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