Preschool Director Job Position

  To create a job description for the position of director for a child  care and education center and to evaluate your job description 

You are the director working for a company that has multiple child  care and education centers. The director at another center has recently  left her position. During her exit interview, she said that she did not  realize how much was going to be asked of her as a director, and she  wished she had known what she was getting into before taking the job.  The board of directors has asked you to help write a job description for  her position, focusing on two of the most important director  responsibilities, program maintenance and financial management as well  as the joys of being a director. As a director well versed in this  particular responsibility, you are asked to tackle this part of the  posting.

Part 1 

Write a three- to five-sentence paragraph summarizing the program  maintenance-related duties of a director and a three- to five-sentence  paragraph summarizing finance system-related duties. In a final three-  to five-sentence paragraph, help the prospective applicant understand  some of the potential joys of being a director. 

Self-Reflection Part 2

  1.  For each part of your job description, explain how this job description addresses the issues in the scenario 
  2. A minimum of two In-text citations to justify your explanation. 
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