psychology (biology)

Discussion Lesson 10 (Choose your Format)
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Objective: Compare marriage, divorce, being single, and widowhood in late adulthood.
Points Possible: 30
1. Interview someone in your family who represents the concept of wisdom
2. Use the attached set of questions.
3. Next, write one to three paragraphs and include the following:
o Why is this person a good example of wisdom?
o What advice or nugget of wisdom can you share?
o Is there a difference in marriage, remaining single, and divorce now compared to the lifetime of the person you interviewed?
Interview questions Discussion 10.docx  Download Interview questions Discussion 10.docx 
Your response on the Discussion Board should be well thought out and a minimum of 3 paragraphs. Read one of your classmate’s posting and respond.
This assignment does not require citation or references. You may upload a slide show presentation such as Power Point or Prezi, you may upload a Word document, or you may use an audio or  video link.

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psychology (biology)
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