Reliability Programs – If possible I would like the topic to be on those two wheel hover boards that were having the batteries explode. If that is not possible that is fine.

For this assignment, you will conduct some research on product reliability. However, you will look for a product or process that went wrong! You may use your textbook as a resource, but you must also use at least two additional outside resources.Reliability is defined as “quality over the long term” (Six Sigma, p. 290). There are many causes of unreliability or poor quality – defective materials, poor design, inappropriate testing, damage during production or shipment, etc, etc. Six Sigma teams work to make sure that Your textbook names 8 different aspects of a “sound reliability program” (Six Sigma, p. 290). You should review these aspects before you start this assignment.Research and report on an instance or situation that occurred within the last two years where the reliability program failed, where quality assurance failed, where customer needs and expectations were not met. Important: This instance or situation can involve a product, a service or a process.In your report, you should provide the following:Identify and describe the organization or industry.Describe the situation where the reliability program failed.Identify the phase of the life cycle for this product, service or process.Identify and describe the reliability aspect or aspects involved in this failure.Relate how this instance or situation affected customer expectations.How was the organization’s or industry’s business affected?In conclusion, how might a Six Sigma team have prevented this failure from occurring?What type of FMEA would a Six Sigma team use in this case and how?

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