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Nursing knowledge development is a continuous process that has been ongoing since the emergence of the profession. Nursing grand theories are part of this process as they provide a framework for nurses to use to help guide their practice and research. Grand theories are comprehensive and comprehensive theories that provide an overall worldview of nursing and how it should be practiced (Roy, 2019). They are often used to provide a basis for research and to help guide the development of nursing practice.

Despite their significance, there is growing disagreement about whether great ideas still have any application to current practice and research. Some contend that big ideas are out-of-date and not relevant to contemporary nursing (Roy, 2019). They are seen as having limited scope and applicability, as they are often limited to a particular time or culture. As such, they do not reflect the changing needs of today’s patients and the changing nature of healthcare. Furthermore, some argue that grand theories are too abstract and do not apply to the complex realities of today’s nursing practice. Grand theories are often too broad to guide today’s practice and research. They often lack the specificity needed to address the individual needs of each patient and the complexities of modern healthcare. Additionally, they may not apply to various healthcare environments, such as rural, urban, and remote areas (Roy, 2021).

However, there is also a compelling argument for the continuous advancement and use of nursing great ideas. Grand theories give nursing practice and research an overall framework that enables nurses to critically and thoroughly consider their job. Furthermore, grand theories can provide a basis for the development of new approaches to practice and research, as well as a way to evaluate the effectiveness of existing practices (Roy, 2021). Grand theories also provide a way for nurses to reflect on their experiences and develop an understanding of the complex dynamics of nursing.

Ultimately, using grand theories in nursing today should be a matter of choice. While some argue that they have become obsolete, there is still value in their use. Grand theories provide a framework for nurses to think critically and holistically about their work and provide a basis for developing new approaches to practice and research. Grand theories are not a one-size-fits-all answer, and they shouldn’t be the only foundation for practice and research. This must be understood at the same time. Instead, they should be seen as part of a more comprehensive approach to nursing practice and research.

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