Self Concept and video

See attachment

· Learners will write a self-concept essay.

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Self Concept and video
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· Learners will create a Self-concept YouTube Video.

Submit the assignment at the designated link, to earn credit.

Students name: Destini Mitchell

For the youtube video there will not need to be any face showing only words and voice



Our goal in this course is to increase interpersonal communication competence. The purpose of this assignment is to determine what your Self-concept is, starting at the beginning of the course. Reflect upon how you grew up; and what communication patterns you experienced with your significant caregiver. Did your developmental experiences create a positive and healthy sense of Self, or an unhealthy negative sense of Self? Ultimately what is your Self-concept at this moment in time? This assignment consists of PART A and B. In part A you will answer the following questions/statements addressing your current concept of Self. In part B, you will answer the following questions/statements addressing how your concept of Self has changed based on your acquired knowledge and a new awareness of Self and Relational communication in this course.


1. Create an MSWord document entitled: Self-Concept Essay and Video with your name in the heading.

2. Provide a two-page, 12 pitch-font, and double-spaced essay containing the following information. I will accept a question and answer format. The following are some sample questions/statements. You can create additional or other questions if you wish.

· What is my Self-concept right now? Has it changed from adolescence, how so?

· Why do I have this concept of Self?

· I am or am not satisfied with my current concept of Self…

· I would like to change ___ regarding my current concept of Self…

· Others view my Self as __________________.

3. Create a video, via YouTube,


highlighting these answers
. Check the video to ensure that the link is correct. If I am unable to open the video or cannot access the link, the assignment is late, and no credit can be earned.

See the course syllabus

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