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Write a two page paper of what you have learned about how slaves lived based upon primary documents introduced in Week 2 of the class Pick one of these topics and summarize and analyze what you have learned from Week 2’s primary documents. What do you think should also be learned about this topic beyond what these three primary documents tell us? What two other sites on the Web offer primary documents about this topic?Topics (Pick 1)Housing for slavesFood that slaves ateClothing slaves woreEducating slavesThe paper should be 400-600 words, single spaced within paragraphs, and double spaced between paragraphs. Have a title for your paper and put your name and date on it. Use MLA Style for citations. Here is a sample paper in MLA style you should use to guide your own use of in-text citations and the preparation of a Works Cited page: MLA Sample PaperSuggested organization for Paper #1Paragraph 1: Introduction of the topic and the three primary documents you are using for this paper. Why is this topic important? Why are primary texts used to investigate this topic?Paragraph 2: Description of this area of life by slaves as discussed in the three primary documents.Paragraph 3: What else should be researched to find out more about this aspect of slave life?Paragraph 4: Two possible places on the Internet to find out more about this topic (list and describe two good sources of primary documents about slavery). Who sponsors these website and why are they good sources of information?Paragraph 5: Conclusions about whether primary documents offer researchers complete and conclusive information about this topic.

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