Assessment requirementsReport requirementsYour report will be marked according to the criteria outlined in the assessment grading criteria outlined in the Subject Outline.In terms of structure, presentation, and style you are normally required to use:AIB standard report formatAIB preferred Microsoft Word settingsauthor-date style referencing (which includes in-text citations plus a reference list).These requirements are detailed in the AIB Style Guide.Reference lists for AIB assessments normally contain the following number of relevant references from different sources: 6–12 (for MBA assessments).All references must be from credible sources such as books, industry-related journals, magazines, company documents and recent academic articles.Your grade will be adversely affected if your report contains no/poor citations and/or reference list and if the word length is beyond the allowed tolerance level (see Assessment Policy available on AIB website).Useful resources when working on your report include:AIB Assignment GuideAIB Style GuideAIB Online LibraryPresentation requirementsYou are required to use the PowerPoint template provided (below). Minor changes to the slide layout, headings and font size are allowed for creative purposes.Your presentation will be marked according to the criteria outlined in the assessment grading criteria (see Appendix 2).Content of the presentation slidesIn order to ensure appropriate content, refer to your written assessment and note the main headings. Hence, it is likely that your set of slides will include:Title slide (with the assessment title, your name, date).Contents/overview: You need to give the audience a sense of what you are including in the presentation.Purpose: Provide a statement of the written assessment’s purpose.Summary: Describe your findings on performance management.Conclusion: Provide a conclusion to the presentation which includes a summation of your recommendations.At all times, remember that there is no reason to overwhelm the audience with detail. After all, the audience can read the final assessment report and/or can ask questions if they want to know more.Look-and-feel of the presentation slidesIn order to ensure good communication throughout the slides:Keep things simple. Slides should not be unnecessarily complicated or busy.Avoid text (or bullet-point) overload. Slides are meant to support a speaker and supplement a written document (in this case, the written assessment report). The detail can be found in this document; the slides provide a summary of the main points.Limit animation on each slide. The audience does not need to be dazzled by special effects; it is the content that should be the star of the slides.Use high quality, appropriate graphics (only where relevant). Graphics/tables/images should not be included in order to impress the audience but should only be used if relevant and if they enhance the story told in the slides.Aim for a consistent, professional theme (colour scheme, font, etc.) for the slides.Keep your slides interesting and engaging. Remember that you have to get a message across to the audience and that means you need to engage the audience (without unnecessary graphics or distracting animation).

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