Situation Audit on your own organization

STEP 1You have been tasked by your boss to prepare a situation audit that presents an overview of your organization (or an approved alternative). In this report, you’ll focus on analyzing some key internal factors that, taken together, provide a portrait of your organization. The information upon which you rely for this report must be publicly available or available for review by faculty as necessaryFormat requirements Using the provided Situation Audit Template, your audit’s content is 20 – 25 double-spaced pages, excluding a required cover page, a brief executive summary, and a list of references used.STEP 2To start, write a brief overview description (creating an organizational fact sheet) of your organization, including:• when it was established• by whom• its legal form and tax status (legal forms of organization)• its current CEO • its industry or industries• its size• its general purpose Typically, such overviews in a report this size are no more than one page in length (approximately 250 – 300 words). STEP 3Now that you’ve identified the key facts about your organization, turn your attention to your organization’s mission, vision, values, and goals. Taken together, these elements help drive organizational decisions, can positively impact employee performance, and will influence many of the other organizational components you’ll be examining for this report.STEP 4Organizational Strategy and ObjectivesWhile having a clearly defined and well understood mission along with key goals, vision and values is important, success is unlikely without corresponding actions guided by an organizational strategy and associated measurable objectives.STEP 5Strategy Types and Competitive AdvantageNow that you’ve reviewed your organization’s strategy and objectives, it’s time to critically analyze the type (or types) of strategy your organization may be using.Business Unit and Corporate Strategies• First, review the two major types of strategies: organizational strategy and corporate strategy —and then figure out which apply to your organization.STEP 6Organizational Size and StructureLike strategy types and competitive advantage, organizational size and structure also have implications for accomplishing mission, vision, goals, and objectives (MVGOs). Organizational size• Review your organization’s size and how much this has changed over the last five years. • Include an analysis of how your organization’s size impacts its ability to accomplish its strategic objectives. STEP 7Critical ResourcesNow that you’ve examined the organizational big picture—MVGOs, size, and structure—you’re going to analyze the critical resources of your organization. STEP 8Leadership, Governance, and ManagementNow it’s time to shift your focus to the organization’s leadership. Management styles, leadership styles, and governance structures can have an immense impact on the daily experience of employees of all levels. Leadership can also positively or negatively affect the execution of all the elements you’ve studied thus far: strategy, resource allocation, competitive advantage, etc.STEP 9Strengths and WeaknessesAn analysis evaluating the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, known as a SWOT analysis, is an important task when analyzing an organization’s situation, especially when the information is intended for use in strategy development and related decision-making. STEP 10Learning and ChangeThe last step before working on all your conclusions and findings for this report is to examine your organization’s capacity to learn and change. Learning organizations are organizations that systematically measure their performance against sound criteria/metrics and then take concrete actions to change and make improvements.STEP 11Conclusions and RecommendationsIt’s time to wrap everything up. At each step of the process, you arrived at various conclusions, and now you’ll take this report to the next step: making recommendations based on the conclusions and research that you’ve done.

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