Marginalized groups refer to individuals who are relegated to less powerful positions in society based on certain social group memberships. Examples of marginalized groups in our country include racial minorities, women, and sexual minorities. As a result of racism, sexism, and heterosexism, individuals in these groups have reduced access to resources and decent work (Duffy, Blustein, Diemer, & Autin, 2016). It is a well-known fact, for example, that women generally earn only 80 cents for every dollar made by the average man (Institute for Women’s Policy Research, 2019). Other groups of individuals who are less often considered  also experience marginalization that may constrain career development. These individuals include convicted felons, immigrants, and individuals with disabilities. Immigrants, for example, are often challenged by a host of barriers to employment, including xenophobia and negative perceptions about the intelligence of individuals who speak with an accent.

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As a result of these issues, competent career counseling with individuals from marginalized groups requires careful consideration of the sociocultural factors that influence their career decisions and work experiences. In this Discussion, you have the opportunity to consider how you might work with various marginalized populations in your community or future work setting, focusing on how you might address their challenges through career counseling and/or create social change in your role as a counselor.

This is the Assignment

  • Post a description of a marginalized population in your community or future work setting.(I will work with individuals incarcerated and living with mental health)
  • Discuss the specific factors that might influence their career development or access to decent work

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