SWK-204- Social Work Research

Lesson 5 Discussion

How does integrity impact a research study?  What are the similarities and differences between the NASW Code of Ethics and the CSWE Statement?

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SWK-204- Social Work Research
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Lesson 5 Assignment

Write a one-to-two-page using APA format, cite references and submit a reference page.

Look up and read the NASW Code of Ethics


Socialworkers.org Code of Ethics.


When reading pay close attention to section 5.02 Evaluation and Research

Answer: How would these ethical standards impact the research you would perform as a social worker?  How would the other ethical standards in the ethical code for social work relate and impact your performance of research?

SWK204: Social Work Research

QUESTION: How does integrity impact a research study? What are the similarities and differences between the NASW Code of Ethics and the CSWE Statement?

Amber Henley

Hello all,

Research integrity is extremely important. Integrity impacts whether or not researchers, scientists and the general public trust the source. The NASWs intent is to help guide social workers when topics are brought forth that may require additional deliberation or question in ethical judgments. The CSWE is the statement in which holds specific standards for social work students and their level or understanding and education on specific, current issues. Most social work schools, if not all, follow the standard guidelines of both the NASW and CSWE. Both are very helpful but NASW a guideline while CSWE is a set standard. 

Jennie White

Jennie White

Social Work Research SWK204

Dr. Kristine Abbs


First, I would like to apologize to my classmates and Dr. Abbs. This discussion post was wedged between two assignments, and I failed to see it and have it completed in the time frame given. 

Integrity is an integral part of the research. The definition of integrity says that it is the quality of being honest and having firm moral principles. The second definition is to be whole and undivided. Both definitions apply to research. You must fully believe and back the research you are doing while acting, keeping yourself honest in the process and keeping your morals as a working guide. 

The similarities between the two documents are that you must respect the dignity of people. You must follow ethical principles. The difference is that you must follow the Values of social work while taking them even a step further in holding the research standard to an additional level.

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