Temple University Health Services Discussion

“The 10 Biggest U.S. Healthcare Data Breaches of 2018”

Choose one (1) health care data breach. Research it further. Provide a summary of the situation:

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Temple University Health Services Discussion
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  • Who was involved?
  • What happened?
  • Who was affected by the breach?
  • What laws/policies/guidelines were violated because of the breach?
  • Did the media report the story?
  • Was the policy in place at the facility sufficient to prevent this breach?
  • Was the facility fined or disciplined in any way as a result of the breach?
  • Were there policy or IT infrastructure changes after the breach? I
  • If you were the administrator of the facility, how would you handle this breach?
  • Would you handle it differently than described? Why or why not? Support your response with reputable sources.

Note: Respond to at least one (1) classmate’s post, indicating whether or not you agree with the policy critique and revision. Support your response.

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