Temple University Health Services Presentation

Strategic Marketing Plan Draft A

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Temple University Health Services Presentation
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and begin to enter the information that we have covered thus far in this course. By now, you should be able to work on the following slides required for this assignment:

  • Organization/Product/Service.
  • Organizational Mission and Vision.
  • Features and Benefits of Product/Service.
  • SWOT of (Your Provider).
  • Product Differentiation.

Assignment/Provider Name
Your Name
Professor Name
Provider Name – Executive Summary
◦ Overview of your plan.
◦ Brief summary of each section of your plan.
◦ (You may with to fill out this slide once your assignment is nearing completion.)
◦ Describe provider size, location, part of a larger organization, department of a provider.
◦ Describe the product or service chosen.
◦ Include whether this plan is for a product or service of the provider.
◦ Is this service an aspect of the main provider or a member provider of a larger organization?
Organizational Mission and Vision
◦ Organizational missions.
◦ Organizational visions.
◦ How does the product or service support the mission and vision of the provider?
◦ How does the product or service support the strategies that are consistent with the organizational mission and vision?
Features and Benefits of Product/Service
◦ Include what the benefits of the product are.
◦ Be prepared to discuss what you hope to achieve.
◦ Which market segments are you trying to reach? Demographics—overall targets.
◦ Who is your customer? Be very specific.
◦ What is your overall marketing goal? (What do you hope to accomplish? Growth? Diversify your customer base?) For

Improved health of community.
Improved access to products and services.
Provide cost effective services and products.
Increase revenue streams.
SWOT of (Your Provider)
◦ Strengths.
◦ Weaknesses.
◦ Opportunities.
◦ Threats.
Competitors (especially for your identified service or product).
Product Differentiation
◦ Product differentiation and strategy. (What is your value proposition? What makes it unique? What distinguishes you from
◦ Pricing.
◦ Premier product or service.
◦ Access.
◦ New service.
◦ Etc.
◦ Note: This can be incorporated from the Brochure and Email assignment.
Marketing Approach
◦ Marketing approach—-include your summary slides from your digital marketing strategy. (This should be a streamlined
version of your digital marketing plan, 2–3 slides.)
Marketing Approach cont’d
◦ Marketing approach—-include your summary slides from your digital marketing strategy. (This should be a streamlined
version of your digital marketing plan, 2–3 slides.)
Marketing Approach cont’d
◦ Marketing approach—-include your summary slides from your digital marketing strategy. (This should be a streamlined
version of your digital marketing plan, 2–3 slides.)
Marketing Budget and Pricing
Marketing budget:
◦ What will you spend to attract or retain customers? Be specific. How do you prioritize your expenditures? How would you
establish your budget?
◦ Trends.
◦ Percent of revenue.
◦ Directly based on line-item project costs?
Pricing strategy:
◦ How will you price your products or services? Are you positioned competitively? Price your product or service.
◦ Premier pricing.
◦ Competitive.
◦ Incentive (low price introduction).
◦ Other.
Product/Service Distribution
Distribution strategy:
◦ How will the consumer obtain or get access to your product or service? This is where you will summarize or condense your
digital marketing strategy into 1–2 slides as a part of your plan. Be sure to align it with the other components of this
marketing strategy.
◦ Direct (e.g., purchase from website).
◦ Indirect (e.g., obtain through distributors).
Performance or Effectiveness of Plan
Measuring marketing performance (assessing effectiveness, marketing metrics):
◦ Discuss the overall evaluation process. How will you know that you were effective? Align with your marketing goals.
◦ Number of consumers accessing service or product.
◦ Improvement in community health status.
◦ Positive revenue stream.
◦ Positive survey results.
◦ Other.
Organizational Impact
If your chosen health care organization or department is a part of a larger health care organization, explain how your marketing
strategy aligns with the larger organization and determine its impact on the organizational reputation and positioning. Note:
This can be incorporated from the email portion of the Brochure and Email assignment.
◦ Improved community recognition.
◦ Increased use of products and services.
◦ Improved revenue streams.
◦ Improved brand recognition.
◦ Is there a synergy with other products and services that is increasing utilization of services or products?
◦ Does this service or product positively or negatively impact other members of the health system or departments?
◦ Minimum of three sources in SWS format.
Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
Health Savings Account (HAS)
Health Reimbursement
Arrangements (HRAs)
Commuter Benefits
Mobile Contacts
PayFlex Products are
designed to assist customers make
appropriate resolutions for their
health and financial status
Flexible Spending Account permits you to
save money on a pre-tax basis to
compensate for eligible healthcare and
needy daycare costs.
At the University, the Flexible Benefits Plan
is a crucial part of the general benefits
package. This allows the University to omit
the Federal Income as well as Social
Security taxes, premiums compensated by
medical insurance, dental insurance, and
contributions made to reimbursement
PayFlex makes it simpler for you to spend your money in a tax-advantaged account.
PayFlex has more than 3,300 direct
employer clients representing about one
million individual client accounts.
Customers can also save funds on
entitled transit and parking costs.
PayFlex Card
Tuition Assistance
Direct billing offers
the customer and
the covered
beneficiaries the right
to select health
Adoption assistance
operates like FSA.
PayFlex has been identified as one of the
top 20 most promising payment and card
solution providers.
PayFlex has also been honored with Best
Benefits Delivery Award
PayFlex has received IRS Certification as a
Non-Bank Custodian
PayFlex serves clients from all walks
Of life such as students, patients,
Drivers, and any other individual with
A debit card.

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