The cartel by Don Winslow

Each question should be answered in at least two fully developed paragraphs. Be concise but use quotes from articles, readings and the book to support your thoughts. Please review MLA for writing this type of quiz, as well as, for using text citations and quoting procedures. You will not receive complete credit for answers without some type of support from sources other than your own thoughts. Check your grammar, spelling and sentence/paragraph structure. Then, when you feel you are ready, write the responses to each question in the two required paragraphs. There should be a total of twenty paragraphs at the end of this assignment. Please remember that this assignment is worth 25 points toward your final grade.
There should be ten distinct answers related to the questions originally posed. They are each worth 2.5 points. Be sure to follow the correct numbers in your responses. 
1.) In about two paragraphs or more, compare and contrast the Cartel characters of Art Keller, DEA agent and Adan Barrera, drug cartel kingpin. Please be sure to use in text citations to support your thoughts. 
2.) Even though this book is fictional, it reads as if it should belong to the non-fiction genre. In two paragraphs, answer the following: How do the recurring thematic concepts of revenge, killing and corruption help the narrative to maintain a certain unity? How does it push the plot forward? Be specific with examples.
3.) The word, border, in this book has many levels. Describe some of these connotations with specific references, including the particular significance it has for you.  How did the film, “Traffic”, add to your knowledge of this word? The length of your answer should be at least two paragraphs.
4.) Crime, torture and violence seem like normal parts of the business world within the international drug industry.  Which readings helped you understand these illicit features, so common in many of the novel’s incidents? Your response should be at least two paragraphs
5.) Having read Moises Naim’s “Five Wars of Globalization”, explain in two paragraphs which sections interested you the most and why?
6.) This is also a two or more paragraph answer. In Winslow’s book, The Cartel, what were some instances of gender? How did these notions of being a man or a woman affect the situation in the novel’s plot, or cause an outcome to come to pass? Contrast some of these points with the film, “Maria full of Grace.”
7.) Answer the following in at least two paragraphs. H. Friman has explained very precisely about the areas of crime and globalization.  How do some of the elements of his excerpted text correspond to Winslow’s novel? Please be very precise with your examples.
8.) In your opinion, would the drug industry be able to exist and be so powerful and profitable if the role of the sicariowere eliminated? Reflect and write at least a two paragraph answer.
9.) What was your opinion of the Pablo Escobar documentary on you tube? How did it help you to understand some of the scenes from the Winslow novel?
10.) What was your favorite part of the Winslow book and why?

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