The Evolution of Nursing Documentation

PowerPoint presentation on the evolution of nursing documentation. Must be 8 to 10 slides including objective slide and references. PowerPoint must have speaker notes on all slides. (will be using this PowerPoint as a voice-over presentation). Here are some of the key points that can be added to the presentation:1. Introduction and where it all began (paper documentation)- Paper charting- Narrative summaries 2. What is an electronic health record (EHR)- Definition of what is considered electronic record keeping of patients data3. What spiked the change in resorting to electronic health record- Real-time data- More precise and legible – Clinicians working and communicating collaboratively 4. The transitioning period of implementing electronic health records- The effects on clinicians – Extra work and stress with implementing a new system5. Viewing the change from a nurse and other healthcare provider perspective- Discussion of the change from paper charting worth it- Was it purposeful and resourceful to patient care6. The benefits (importance) and cons of switching to electronic health record- Discussion of the importance of transitioning to electronic health record system- Discussion of any cons involved with the transitioning 7. Does it make nursing practice safer or the opposite – Giving examples of how this change made nursing practice safer- Any reasoning behind the change that does not make nursing practice safer8. Does it take away quality time that should be spent with patients- Discussion of time spent documenting electronically and does it take away time being spent with patients9. Main goal of implementation of an EHR system- Reducing the workload of paper charting – Reducing errors – Making a better and safer practice- Real-time data availability – Collaboratively communicating as one for one primary goal10. Conclusion based on evidence based data- Discussion of data based on information collected- Discussion of electronic documenting being gainful or not, especially when it involves patient care. Turnitin score must be below 30 %

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