Transformational and Charismatic Leaders – SLP

For the Module 3 SLP assignment you will be again be applying the concepts from the background materials to your own personal experiences. Choose a supervisor that you worked with and got to know well.Carefully review the concepts and definitions of charismatic, transformational, and transactional leadership. Then write a 2- to 3-page paper addressing the following issues using specific examples from your personal experiences:1.Describe a situation you experienced in the workplace when a current or past supervisor used a transformational or charismatic approach to motivate their employees. Was it effective?2.Describe a situation you experienced in the workplace when a current or past supervisor used a transactional approach to motivate their employees. Was it effective?3.Based on what you’ve read for this class so far as well as from your own experience working with different supervisors, do you think transformational and charismatic leadership can be learned or do you think it something you are born with? To support your answer, use both of the following: your personal experiences and references from the required background materials. References:Barine, A., & Minja, D. (2012). Chapter 2: Definitions of transformational leadership. In Transformational corporate leadership (pp. 32-47). Luton, Bedfordshire, GBR: Andrews LTD.Fast Company. (2015, September 25). Travis Kalanick, the fall and spectacular rise of the man behind Uber. South China Morning Post. Retrieved from Gautier, V. (2016). From charismatic to transactional leadership: Using a reward system when necessary [Video file]. Coursera. Retrieved from, S. (2013). The charismatic leader [Video file]. Education Portal. Retrieved from Hartzell, S. (2013). The Transformational leader [Video file]. Education Portal. Retrieved from Hook, L. (2017, March 10). Uber: The crisis inside the “cult of Travis.” Financial Times, p. 11. Luthans, F., Luthans, K. W., & Luthans, B. C. (2015). Chapter 13: Effective leadership processes. In Organizational Behavior: An Evidence-based Approach (pp. 390-393). Charlotte, North Carolina: Information Age Publishing. Retrieved from EBSCO eBook Collection.Reuters. (2017, April 13). Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s iron grip poses challenge in COO search. Economic Times. Retrieved from

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