University of Missouri Kansas City Statistics Worksheet

RSCH 665 – Assignment 7.3Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test
A researcher has four prototypes for a small Unmanned Aerial System controller and wants to
know which one that users prefer. The researcher asks 120 participants to use each controller
and annotate which one they liked best. At the conclusion of the study, the researcher hopes to
have a clearly identified prototype that is best preferred among the four. The table below
represents the number of times each prototype was chosen by the participants.
Prototype A
Prototype B
Prototype C
Prototype D
Use the five-step hypothesis testing process and StatCrunch to determine if there is a preferred
Chi-Square Test for Independence
Question 1:
A researcher is interested in knowing if there are differences between the incidence of accidents
among experienced and inexperienced pilots. They were able to collect 62 responses from a
random number of pilots. Among them, 17 experienced pilots were in accidents, 26 were not; 13
inexperienced pilots were in accidents, 6 were not. Construct a contingency table. Run the ChiSquare test for independence using the calculator in the Module. State your findings and their
significance. Do not forget to give summary statistics in APA format.
Question 2: A researcher has found that pilots taking an over-the-counter antihistamine have
poor reaction times. They performed an experiment on 22 pilots: 11 took the medication and 11
did not. Their reaction times to a command by Air Traffic Control was considered to be adequate
or inadequate. Among those taking the medication, 8 were rated inadequate and 3 adequate.
Among those not-taking the medication, 10 were rated adequate and only 1 inadequate.
Construct a contingency table. Run the Chi-Square test for independence using the calculator in
the module. Construct a contingency table.
Question 1
Name three cases when you should use non-parametric analysis in place of parametric?
Question 2
What are some disadvantages of using non-parametric analysis (versus parametric)?
Question 3
Match the non-parametric version of analysis with its parametric equivalent.
A. Mann-Whitney U
B. Kruskal-Wallis
C. Wilcoxon Signed Rank
D. Friedman
E. Spearman’s Rank
One-way ANOVA
Paired sample t-test
Independent sample t-test
Pearson correlation
Repeated measure ANOVA
• State your findings and their significance. Do not forget to give summary statistics in APA
• What is the problem with this research study? Is the Chi-Square test appropriate? Why or why
not? What could the researcher do to potentially rectify the problem?

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University of Missouri Kansas City Statistics Worksheet
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