UNV 506 Grand Canyon University Evaluation of Writing Resources Cancer Research Essay

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UNV 506 Grand Canyon University Evaluation of Writing Resources Cancer Research Essay
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Discussion Question 3: Cancer Research
Date of Submission
Cancer Research
Thesis statement: Cancer being one of the most protuberant threats in public health, researchers
and governments has invested time and money to find a solution to this problem, however, more
still needs to be done because cases of cancer are still increasing.
Cancer research is an issue of concern because cases of cancer are increasing despite
investment in research. Cancer is one of the leading cause of deaths globally, thus a significant
matter to anyone in the field of public health. In the United States, for instance, cancer is the
second leading cause of deaths and also, the most costly in the U.S., requiring people to spend
more to get treatment (Health Policy Institute, 2015).
Public health workers have a role in ensuring a healthy community. Since the community
is affected by cancer, and most of them cannot afford the treatment, public health workers are
also affected psychologically and emotionally as they cannot do much to help. Through cancer
research, public health will be able to guarantee a healthy community. Providing more support to
cancer research will help solve current challenges, especially in the field of public health. It is
only through research that a solution and cure for cancer will be found (Copur, 2010).
Copur, M. S. (2010). State of Cancer Research Around the Globe. Oncology Journal.
Health Policy Institute. (2015). Cancer: A Major National Concern. Washington DC.

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