us history

1. Using your own words identify and define the Enlightenment.  What time period did it encompass?  What were its defining characteristics?  Identify and discuss the ways in which the Enlightenment contributed to the development of the philosophies that helped lead to the Revolutionary War.  
2. Again, using your own words, identify and define the Great Awakening.  Being sure to note when and why it occurred. What were the defining characteristics of the Great Awakening?  What were the consequences of the Awakening which helped move the colonies closer to the American Revolution?  
3. As you examine the Enlightenment and the Great Awakening which do you believe had a greater influence on the British North American colonists and why?  As with your previous responses be certain to present specific examples (evidence) from your reading or videos to support your argument.     
Length: approx. 500 words

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us history
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