Waldorf University Hydrochlorothiazide Discussion

Examples of Duffy Caring in ActionNote how they are written in the first person and how you can actually visualize the caring.
According to Duffy (2013), “patients who trust others are best able to learn from
practice” (p. 143). After knowing this, I feel I did exactly what I needed to do, to show caring
through my actions. I was very communicative with the patient and I felt we created a great
rapport. He then trusted me more and was better at learning when we practiced.
According to Duffy (2013), I am to remain caring always. I cannot let the things she says
deter me from taking care of her like I am trained to do. Every day it is a battle. Yet every day, I
sit with her in hopes that one day she will see that I am only trying to help her. I will not give up.
Nurses do not give up.
For this client I used human respect as the main component (Duffy, 2013). Unfortunately,
the majority of these patients are overlooked when they come into the emergency room. They are
often shoved to the side and medicated just long enough to send them to a psychiatric facility.
Providing respect and mutual problem solving allowed this patient to participate in their
healthcare and understand why we were giving the medications we were giving. Once he calmed
down and understood I was there to help he was very cooperative and willingly took medications
to help regulate his mental state.
According to Duffy’s Caring Model when a client feels they then the healing can
commence (Duffy, 2013). I would apply Duff’s Caring Model by first explaining to the patient
and the family member that this mental health issue does not have to be a stumbling block in life.
Examples of Duffy Caring in Action
I would tell them that this medication designed to control the mania and depressive episodes of
Bipolar Disorder. Empowering the patient in this way will allow them take an interest in
medication adherence as well as properly monitor the signs and symptoms for acute, chronic, and
toxic effects of Lithium. Second, I would ensure that I am attentive to the patient’s educational
needs as the discharge plan is being set-up and established. There is a large amount of
information to learn related to the pathophysiology of Bipolar Disorder and the pharmacokinetics
of Lithium. For this reason, I would ensure that I provide community resources, telephone
numbers, and outpatient treatment help to ensure the patient has the best possible outcome with
the mental disorder and the prescribed treatment plan.
Generic/Brand Name
Briefly describe in paragraph form the generic name of the medication, with indications and off
label use if applicable
Describe in paragraph form, the indications for this medication, as it relates to your client.
Off Label Use
Many medications have off label uses. Research off label use for the selected medication and
include them in the paragraph. Does this apply to your patient? Explain your answer.
Nursing Implications
Apply your knowledge of the chosen medication, to a client in a clinical setting. In paragraph
form, discuss specific nursing implications to incorporate into the care of this client
Health Teaching
Apply your knowledge of the chosen medication, to a client in a clinical setting. In paragraph
form, discuss specific adjustments made to ensure that the health teaching was learned by the client
Duffy’s Caring Model
In a paragraph, explain how Duffy’s Caring Model (Chap 3) was applied to create a healing
environment for the client that will lead to maximal effects of this medication. Do not include
basic nursing care such as introducing self, lowering the bed, giving the call light, ect.
Aschenbrenner, D. & Veneable, S. (2012). Drug Therapy in Nursing (4th ed.). Philadelphia, PA:
Wolters Kluwer Health.
Duffy, J. R. (2013). Quality caring: In nursing and health systems (2nd ed.). New York, NY:
Springer Publishing Co.
Lippincott, W. (2017). Nursing 2018 drug handbook (38th ed.). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer or
davis’s drug guide
Medication Analysis
Objective: This assignment is to analyze the role of the nurse as provider and manager of care
related to the pharmacological management of the client’s health; to adjust the education of the
medication to the individual needs of a client, taking into consideration their age, culture,
learning abilities, and learning style.
Each unit will have a medication list. Choose a medication(s) that you want to know/understand
more about. Some units will require you to do two medications. You are required to do 20
medications this semester. Include the following information:
1. Generic name of the medication, with indications and off label use if applicable
2. Apply your knowledge of the chosen medication, to a client in a clinical setting.
a. Discuss specific nursing implications incorporated in your care for this client
b. Discuss specific adjustments you provided to ensure that the health teaching you
provided was learned by the client
3. Explain how you applied Duffy’s Caring Model (Chap 3) to create a healing environment
for the client that will lead to maximal effects of this medication
4. Provide a minimum of two references
5. Follows APA requirements
APA Required:
1. Typed Times New Roman or Arial, 12 font, one inches margins, and double-spaced.
2. In the header, put the chosen medication on the left and your name on the right.
3. Follow APA format for in text citing, p 177 of APA manual.
4. This assignment should be 2 pages in length.
5. You do not need to include a cover page.
6. For these papers, you may write in the first person.

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Waldorf University Hydrochlorothiazide Discussion
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