Week one m class

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Reading/Book name and etc:Brookhart, S., & Nitko, A. (2019). Educational assessment of students (8th ed.).

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Week one m class
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· Chapter 1: Classroom Decision Making and Using Assessment

· Chapter 2: Describing the Goals of Instruction

Part A.How do assessments support student-learner success? Think about how various types of assessments may influence student success and the potential benefits and drawbacks of assessments. Take a minute and complete the

Blooms’ Taxonomy Worksheet

and share your results with your peers. How do word selection and verb choice influence the type of assessment and level of thinking?

Part B:Create an infographic that informs the reader about feedback. The infographic should include the following: definition, types of feedback, the importance of feedback to student success, frequency of feedback, tips to teachers on how to provide students with useful and relevant feedback. The infographic should be nicely balanced with text and images. Use the following resources to create the infographic. Notice there are many platforms that are free.


The Whats, Whys, and Hows of Infographic Assignments









Part C;Select three standards from your state standards that are applicable to your current or future teaching area. For each standard write one goal and at least three objectives that are student centered, performance centered, and content oriented. Each objective should have the following components: audience, behavior, condition, and degree from the

ABCD method

. Keep in mind these goals and objectives will be used in future assignments so make sure to save this assignment to a local drive for future reference. Use the

Goals and Objectives template

to complete this assignment.

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