wells fargo case

1. Summarize and discuss the core issue in the case. Do not repeat the entire case details but only pertinent information at the heart of the case. 
2. What is an ethical decision-making? What ethical perspective can be used to analyze this case (Hint: consult utilitarianism, teleological and deontological perspectives)? Identify any ethical and/or moral dilemmas faced by employees in this case. Make sure to cite relevant and credible research sources (academic articles, reports, major newspaper stories etc.) to support your arguments.
 3. To what extent is the scandal attributable to organizational culture or reward (incentive) system?
 4. Many employees acknowledged not doing the right thing but continued to engage in the fraud anyway. Can their actions be ethically justified? Why or why not? If you were in their shoes, how would you behave? 
5. Who do you think is the most responsible in this scandal? Managers or front line employees?
 6. Since the revelation of the scandal, Wells Fargo introduced a series of steps including ethics workshops and revision to the company’s reward structure. Do you think these are adequate responses to the scandal? What should the company do to make sure similar scandals do not happen again?

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