Wk 4 Discussion – Implementing More Security for Remote Desktop

Write a response to the following prompt in a minimum of 175 words:
When Jacob travels on company business, he finds it’s a great help to be able to access his office computer from anywhere on the road using Remote Desktop. However, he wants to make sure his office computer and the corporate network are as safe as possible. One way you can help Jacob add more security is to change the listening port that Remote Desktop uses. Knowledgeable hackers know that Remote Desktop uses port 3389, but if you change this port to a secret port, hackers are less likely to find the open port. Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base articles to find a way to change the port that Remote Desktop uses.
What other recommendations would you make to ensure Jacob’s remote work is more secure? Research other resources you would recommend to Jacob and share them with the class. 

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Wk 4 Discussion – Implementing More Security for Remote Desktop
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