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only us sources please View the clip below, in which one person believes they are partners and the other believes it is an employer / employee relationship. Agents may bind the principal in a number of ways. When you are reviewing the video, consider whether the intentions / understanding of each party make a difference, and then respond to the discussion question below. •Clip – Agency – Richard Gere: You Work For Me (2012) (0:45) play â—¦Sarah went to an auction at Christie’s to bid on a tapestry for her employer, Fine Arts Gallery. The good news is that she purchased a Dufy tapestry for $77,000. The bad news is that it was not the one her employer had told her to buy. In the excitement of the auction, she forgot her instructions. Fine Art refused to pay, and Christie’s file suit. â—¦Discuss the implications of agency that apply in this situation, â—¦What is Fine Art’s best argument against paying? â—¦What is Christie’s best argument ordering payment? â—¦You are the Judge. What is your ruling? Why? â—¦What is Sarah’s role in this lawsuit? Is she liable? For what? â—¦Be sure to support your legal analysis with concepts and definitions from the reading. Use proper legal terminology.

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you work for me
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